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Business Development Manager




Marcella is a Business Development Manager, responsible for generating new business leads and ensuring BCC's relationships are cultivated and actively managed. Marcella works closely with Massey University, developing propositions for commercializing technology through startup, licensing, partnership and other models. Her knowledge of both science and business allows her to successfully connect new science and technologies to private sector organizations.


Previously Marcella has worked as a technologist at the Ludwig Institute for cancer research at the Royal Melbourne hospital, where she worked on identifying cancer biomarkers via Mass Spectrometry. Outside of the lab, she's been a Pharmaceutical representative at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and a Bio Science/ analytical sales specialist at Biolab. Further to this, Marcella has worked on and managed various research projects in the field of Bio Science.


Marcella enjoys being at the cutting edge of science and taking early-stage projects through market; her expertise in technology transfer has resulted in the successful commercialization of a number of innovative technologies during her time at the BCC. Outside of work Marcella spends much of her time on horses, it's not unusual to see a hay bale or two on the back seat of her car!


To contact Marcella phone +64 6 352 0105 or email