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Commercialisation Manager



Martin is our commercialization manager responsible for assisting companies to achieve their research and development objectives. BCC is a Callaghan Innovation Regional Business Partner, a nationwide network of organizations that help companies access funding, information, training and development. Martin manages this partnership and assists companies with funding applications for new technologies, products, processes or services. Funding projects range from new product development to engaging with world class experts in crown research institutes and universities.


With a BSc (Hons) in Industrial Engineering from Coventry University and a strong background in manufacturing including automotive, electronics, and stainless steel fabrication, Martin has a solid understanding of technical projects and the resources required to take an idea through to commercialization. Having worked in a variety of roles from technical service to sales and marketing, he's also established a UK/ Ireland branch of a US company that works with recycling materials, and has spent some time lecturing engineering and food technology students at Massey University.


Martin enjoys the opportunity to assist business in taking their innovations through to commercialization, and loves the positive environment at the BCC. His British accent brings a touch of class to the office, but tensions tend to rise whenever the AB's take on the English...


To contact Martin phone +64 6 352 0103 or email