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Our team is skilled at working with researchers and research institutes and has the experience it takes to get

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We manage MIG Angels and are experienced early stage investors with extensive investment networks.


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Are you an investor looking for high growth opportunities?


Established in 2007, MIG Angels is a network of "eligible individuals", as per the requirements of the Securities Act of 1978, who invest time and capital in early stage, high-growth companies.


  • MIG is a membership based angel investment group that provides the opportunity to be exposed to investment in young, high-growth companies.
  • MIG is a limited liability company wholly owned by BCC and the current directors of MIG Limited are the same directors as BCC Limited.


Investment Process


MIG Angels operates a standing investment committee (IC) that meets monthly.   The IC considers investments against the agreed investment strategy and makes investment decisions for MIG Fund 1 following which investment opportunities are circulated to all MIG Angels members for co-investment.   All MIG Angels investments are made through a nominee company.   The investment process is designed to be efficient for members and investee companies.



MIG Portfolio


MIG's portfolio can be viewed here.




MIG Fund 1


MIG Fund 1 was established to target potential investments at the seed and start up phase of emerging businesses; early stage ventures which generally have high risk profiles but can also offer high growth prospects and the potential to make significant contributions to the country's economic future.   An investment committe make investment decisions on behalf of members, who can also make their own individual investments.


The Fund will look to invest in around ten companies over the next twelve to twenty four months.   Potential investments could be in any sector and come from across New Zealand, although MIG Angels are particularly interested in potential investments from the wider Manawatu region.


Contact if you are interested in joining the MIG Angels investment group.