We have the experience, contacts and resources to turn great new ideas into great new companies.


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Our team is skilled at working with researchers and research institutes and has the experience it takes to get

new technology to market.


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We manage MIG Angels and are experienced early stage investors with extensive investment networks.


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In 8 years, the BCC has graduated 19 companies and is directly responsible in raising over $20 million dollars in early stage investment.


Currently, we are working with the following start-ups and commercialising the following technologies.








POLYBATICS | Life Science


Polybatics has developed a single step in vivo process for producing customisable polymer beads that can be used in multiple applications from separations to diagnostics and vaccines.







POLYSMART CHAIN | High Tech Manufacturing



BCC is working with local investors and an IP owner to develop a high-tech bi-planar chain that reduces hygiene and maintenance issues and offers traceability for food processing industries.







AgInnovations provide solutions that are of real use to farmers.   The concept for their first product is a system to help farmers measure pasture, even in difficult terrain like hill country farms.





DAIRYMAX | Software


Dairy Max are creating cloud-based software that maximises profit for Dairy farms through analysing all the feed, stocking and payout variables to determine the optimum feed budget.











BIOLUMIC | Horticulture


A novel LED/lighting technology is being developed into an "irradiation package" providing a closed system, platform technology for crop growth enhancement.








BENEX | Bio Tech


Benex has designed a biogas converter which converts effluent into a useful biogas that can be converted into electricity for dairy farmers.







Targeting Point-Of-Care for veterinary diagnostics, Bio Test Diagnostics put laboratory quality testing in the palm of the hand.







Software designed to aid productivity, track activity and report on the effectiveness of community organizations in order to aid funding by getting real time reporting on the effectiveness of the organisation.






Technologies We Are Commercialising






Bacterial resistance to antibiotic drugs is a growing problem worldwide, with many thousands of people dying every year from bacterial infections that can't be treated. Many bacteria referred to as gram-negative bacteria, are resistant to antibiotics, preventing the drug from penetrating the cell wall.   Massey have identified a technology which can penetrate cells through ion channels and when tagged to an antibiotic drug, it enables the drug to penetrate the gram-negative bacteria to kill it.   This has potentially very significant ramifications for the drug industry and health sector.   A small number of previously screened molecules will shortly enter clinical trial phase.



FERRI PRO | Bio Tech


Iron deficiency is the World Health Organisation's largest single, global nutrition problem with around 2 billion people affected by the condition. Ferri Pro is a Massey encapsulation technology enabling iron fortification of most foods. Unlike other iron fortification platforms, Ferri Pro does not chemically interact with other compounds in food, so there is no precipitation of fat molecules and no change in taste, colour or texture of the food. Ferri Pro is tolerant to heat and can be mixed in a drink with boiling water and will tolerate most food processing stresses. The primary target market is people in developing countries.





BCC is working with Landcare Research to commercialise a precision irrigation support tool that will enable farmers to place water in different parts of their fields in precisely the right quantities to maximise water use and crop yield.   Using a network of soil moisture sensors, the technology can signal irrigators to turn water on and off at variable rates in relation to water needs.





BCC is working with Massey on a miniaturized spectrophotometer device that can perform in situ optical density measurements within cell culture suspensions and transmit measurements wirelessly to an external device. The proposed device can determine cell growth and concentration without removing any of the cell culture from the flask in which it is growing. The primary target market is process spectrophotometers - these are used in pharmaceutical manufacture, beer brewing, milk production and waste water monitoring appliances.





The ubiquitous rat is considered to be the most destructive mammalian species in the world. The economic impact directly associated with rats includes damage to agricultural crops and stored grains estimated at $20 billion annually in the United States alone. BCC is working with Landcare on a technology that will be the only species selective rodenticide toxins on the market, eliminating poisoning risks to children, domestic pets, wildlife, and livestock.