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Senior Technology Transfer Advisor



Richard is the senior technology transfer advisor at the BCC, responsible for commercializing new inventions, research, and technologies. Working closely with Massey University and CRI's, Richard helps scientists and researchers understand and define opportunities, secure IP protection, and locate investment from private sector partners to take technologies through to commericalisation.


Richard has a PhD in geography and was a one-time scientist.   He's also experienced in IP management including patent protection and legal defence in both the NZ and the US.   He was previously Senior Business Development Manager for the Applied Biotechnologies Group at AgResearch so he's very skilled in commercialising technology, working with start up companies, and customer management.


Passionate about science and technology, Richard joined the BCC to work at the sharp end of commercialisation, IP, and technology. He enjoys the project-specific focus, and the opportunity to be a part of a team that's linked from inventors to investors to commercial partners. With a sharp mind and years of experience, Richard's opinion is always valued at the BCC.


To contact Richard phone +64 6 352 0206 or email