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Business Growth Manager



Warren is the BCC's Business Growth Manager responsible for assisting start ups from idea to product market fit,   accelerating them to become tomorrow's high growth success stories. He works with a range of startup companies using a combination of mentoring, hands on help, and early stage investment assistance. Warren helps founders implement a range of market validation and customer acquisition strategies, connecting them with networks, suppliers, manufacturers, and more.


As the founder of two startup companies, Warren is familiar with the challenges startup businesses face and has experience with validating business ideas before investment.


Warren holds a BCom (Hons) in Marketing Management from Otago University.    Prior to the BCC, and his startups, Warren worked for one of NZ's major multinationals in marketing, customer service and management.


Outside of work Warren is kept busy with two young children, and enjoys cooking and following sport.   After living in Chile and Argentina for seven years he is fluent in Spanish and has a love for South American food and culture. While in South America he combined his passion for sport and business by launching Chile's first TV programme about rugby to generate sponsorship revenue for club rugby.


To contact Warren phone +64 6 352 0102 or email