YES: Horowhenua

transparent-300x217Recently BCC pitched the Young Enterprise Scheme to the council as well as some key people in Horowhenua and convinced them to run the programme for their local schools for the first time. This is great news as it means 110 students from Manawatu, Horowhenua and Waiopehu colleges all get to go through the process and reap the benefits of the competition.

We are excited to bring on board Lucy Robertson, a YES veteran who will help us run the competition both here and in Horowhenua.

“I took part in YES in 2013 while I was at Palmerston North Girls High, my team designed onesies – back then they were a lot less common than they are now,” says Lucy.

“I was quite lucky because I was the director in my group and I got a heap of opportunities like EIA (Enterprise in Action), which is where 80 students go to Auckland for four days to take part in an international challenge. This gave me a real foot in the door with people up there and the connections I was able to make got me a job doing coordination for YES (before joining BCC).

I just love being part of the whole YES experience again, since I can’t actually go through it again myself it’s great to just be involved. Seeing the students on their first day is really cool because they develop and change so much throughout the year. I wasn’t really interested in business before YES but now i’m studying it at Massey!

We are replicating everything we do in the Manawatu, down in Horowhenua: Pitch Heats, Dragons Den, Trade Fair and their own Regional Final.

I am also hoping to organise a ‘CEO Day’ down there, with every CEO from each team to attend. We will organise speakers (preferably CEOs/Managers from businesses in the region) to give  talks with advice and tips and finish with a Q and A.”

With Lucy on board we are confident that the Horowhenua YES programme will be a big success!

Find out more about YES here.


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