BCC evolved from conversations in late 1990s amongst groups of individuals and organisations interested in the economic development of Manawatu and the country.

The initial conversations sought to establish an initiative that developed a ‘business incubator’ that would target start‐ups commercialising intellectual property emanating from the research cluster and identify and develop joint research and commercialisation projects amongst research institutions.

1999 – 2005

The establishment stage. Key accomplishments included gaining stakeholder support, agreement of ownership and governance and establishment of the entity.

2005 – 2009

The operational stage. BCC commenced operations and launched its first companies. Between 2007 and 2009 two critical developments occurred in the evolution of BCC’s model: 1. BCC secured the support of the Manawatu business community and established MIG Angels; and 2. BCC secured a Technology Transfer relationship with Massey University. These two critical developments also demonstrate the role BCC is playing in bridging the considerable structural and cultural gap between the research and business communities.

2010 – 2012

Establish the model. During these years, BCC grew its investment activity and developed tech transfer relationships while firming up its operational model.

2013 onwards

Focus on outcomes. BCC’s key focus is to deliver export receipts, employment and return on investment outcomes to New Zealand and the wider Manawatu region through the formation of start-up businesses and the commercialisation of new technology. These years see it actively building a start-up community, garnering seed investment and becoming a cornerstone in the innovation campus.

The primary opportunity being pursued by BCC arises from the intellectual output of the research agglomeration located in the Manawatu. This research resource includes more than 1,600 researchers and approximately 10,000 students; key platform strengths are in food, animal health, agri-tech and environmental technologies. BCC also supports high growth start‐up ventures from the surrounding community. BCC has a range of stakeholders with various mixes of local (regional) and national considerations. BCC is focused on developing a business model that combines both local and national perspectives.