Tech Transfer


At the interface of science/engineering and business, tech transfer takes ideas to market. It can open pathways of scientific collaboration and opportunities.

Got an idea but need some money?
Got an idea but need another pair of hands?
Got an idea but need to do some travel?
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Relatively easily, we can get our hands on up to $50K for your idea. That’s money you could use for testing, validation or to develop your idea to the next stage. You can use it to hire a Post Doc, to travel to a conference or to meet with a collaborator.

Members on our tech transfer team are technologically literate with both science smarts brains for business.

“It’s a myth that if you commercialise you’ll have difficulty getting back into fundamental science. If you are doing something exciting at the commercial level, you can leverage that back to fundamental science and, at the same time, you need to carry on doing fundamental science to underpin the commercialisable technology. They leverage off each other,” Jason Wargent, Senior Lecturer and founder of Biolumic