The Crew

Here to help you.

Stu Bradbury

Entrepreneur in Residence


Stu has a ton of experience in the start-up world and a head for entrepreneurship. He’s personally founded several businesses in the agritech sector, one of which sold to an multinational that Stu went on to work for. Stu provides valuable insights and advice to start-ups here at BCC.

To contact Stu call +64 6 353 3100
or email

Stephen McPhail

Investments Manager

stephen for website

Stephen has extensive experience in the business and investment world, from managing an investment portfolio to co-founding, running and listing an inner Mongolian gold mining company. Stephen uses his knowledge to coordinate investors and advise startups on valuation and growth management.

To contact Stephen call +64 6 353 3100
or email

Dean Tilyard

Chief Executive


Dean Tilyard is Chief Executive Officer of BCC. He has been with the company since its inception in 2004. As CEO, Dean sets the strategic direction for the team, manages important relationships, and helps secure significant investment deals for early stage technology businesses and commercialisation from science institutions.

To contact Dean phone phone +64 6 353 3100 or email

Karen Old

Office Manager

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Phone or pop in to The Factory or BCC and Karen is likely to be your first contact. As office manager, she makes sure the place functions so everyone – tenants and BCC staff alike – can do their jobs. Karen looks after the finances, provides executive support to the team, manages new systems and procedures and, basically, keeps an eye on everything.

To contact Karen phone +64 6 353 3100 or email

James Bell-Booth

Start-up Manager


James has worked with multi-nationals and successful technical start-ups. He uses his contacts and experience in market development and market entry strategy to help BCC’s clients. He’s has a nose for good ideas and people who can drive them.

To contact James phone +64 6 353 3100 or email

Dave Craig

Marketing Manager


Skilled in marketing and design, management and IT, Dave loves to dive into brand creation and social media. He’s responsible for BCC’s marketing strategies and is at the helm for Innovate, Start-Up Weekend and YES.

To contact Dave phone +64 6 353 3100 or email

Jane Donaldson

Tech Transfer Advisor


Jane is a trained accountant who has worked for the big guys in London and SMEs in New Zealand. All that experience gives her a good understanding of how business operates. She snifs out research that has business potential.

To contact Jane phone +64 6 353 3100 or email

Nick Gain

Start-up Coordinator

Nick is at home working with start-ups, with the hows and whys of business being regular dinner conversation growing up. Nick grew up in Melbourne, Manila and Bangkok and came back to New Zealand to study accounting, finance and marketing at Massey. Nick is great at helping startups understand and identify their market and customers.

To contact Nick phone +64 6 353 3100 or email