You could spend months – years even – writing a perfect business plan. You could spend thousands meeting with consultants. Or you could spend up to 90 days working with us.

How it works

Using our customised intensive accelerator programme, BCC staff will help you:

• Define your ideal customer and understand the true scope of your opportunity.
• Identify how your idea can be turned into products or services that customers will pay for.
• Develop a high growth, profitable business model for your venture.
• Determine the skills and people you’ll require to implement the model.
• Figure out what resources you will need to turn your idea into a reality.

We’ve helped lots of start-ups and we can help you.

The next step

Once you know who your customers will be, we’ll help you turn your idea into a business. We’ll help you:

• Establish channels to your customers and develop strategic partnerships.
• Become investment ready and connect with potential investors.
• Develop your team and your management.
• Build advisory boards and relationships with mentors.

We can also introduce you to business advisors and personal mentors. You and your business might benefit from the on-going support and advice that someone with more experience can share.