What’s the one thing all companies have in common?
They all need money.

All businesses require funds – either at the early stages of development or as they prepare to grow.

BCC has money to invest and can help you figure out what channel will work best for your investment-ready start-up.

BCC can help you secure the resources you need.

How we help

Seed investment

Seed funding is for very early stage and is typically from $1 to $1M. It’s the money you need to help you get started. Not only does BCC have access to networks of seed capital that can help you get going, it also has the skills to help you you get ready for investment.

MIG Angels

Launched in 2007 and known as MIG (Manawatu Investment Group), MIG Angels is a network of eligible individuals (as per the requirements of the Securities Act of 1978) that invests time and capital in early stage, high-growth companies. Find out how to apply for funding or how be an angel.