Seed Funding

Seed funding helps businesses that are at a very early stage and is typically from $1 to $1M. Think of it as the money you need to help you get started. Having access to seed funding investment from multiple sources allows BCC to assist start-ups at an early stage of their development. The money buys start-ups time and allows new, and thus relatively risky, products and technologies to go to market.

Not only does BCC have access to networks of seed capital that can help you get going, it also has the skills to help you you get ready for investment.

How we can help you

We can help you prepare for investment. We’ll help you make your business plan and navigate your way through market validation.

We’re great at making introductions. We introduce people to investors, scientists, potential employees, partners and board members, partners and customers. We don’t know everyone, but we’re working on it.

Our investment partners

MIG Angels

BCC’s primary investment partner is the Manawatu Investment Group (MIG) and we can get you ready to approach the MIG Angels for investment. We are also connected to other investors and we can hook you up with them, too. Check out the page about MIG.

Central Energy Trust (CET)

CET was established in 1993 following the break-up and sell-down of local power companies. It allocates funds to energy-related projects that benefit consumers of the former companies. Instead of becoming involved in a commercial enterprise themselves the CET set up a seeding fund to encourage others with innovative ideas who needed a helping hand.

In 2012, CET allocated BCC $500,000 to be paid out over three years. By the time the third tranche of money is paid out, CET expects some of the first tranche will be repaid. CET expects the fund will be self-sustaining and revolving, allowing BCC to continue to encourage others with potentially commercially viable ideas to ‘give it a go’.

New Zealand Venture Investment Fund

The New Zealand Venture Investment Fund Limited (NZVIF) is a New Zealand-based private equity fund of funds investor that manages fund of funds investments as well as direct co-investments. NZVIF was established by the New Zealand government in 2002, to help build a vibrant venture capital market in New Zealand.

Through MIG, an accredited NZVIF co-investor, BCC can help you access NZVIF funds. Find out more about NZVIF.