2015 Innovation DHB Competition Begins

Getting great healthcare is a concern for all of us and innovation can really improve healthcare quality, from enhanced processes through to developing new technology. It’s that time of year for MidCentral Health staff to start thinking about how their own ideas for health innovation can bring changes to the healthcare industry.

How the competition works:

Stage 1: The process begins with applicants providing a full description of their idea,which could be anything from a unique new concept to a simple new device. The online application asks participants some critical questions, to help ascertain the stage of their idea and further define the problem they are addressing. “We are hoping to get a range of interesting new ideas this year”, says BCC tech transfer advisor Jane Donaldson; “there have already been some promising entries coming in.”

Up to ten of the best entries will make it through the first stage, which will run until late October. At this point the competition will get more rigorous with the finalists being put through BCC’s idea validation process. Over a series of three evening workshops participants will work with BCC to understand the specifics of their problem and how their solution addresses this, potential benefits of developing their idea for both patients and the DHB, and suitable collaborators.

At the end of it all the finalists will have one last workshop where they will need to step up and present their idea to a panel of judges. By the end of November the competition will be all over and the winner will be announced at an awards evening on 25th November.

The lucky winner will walk away with not only a well validated and developed idea but also with a trip to the Health 2.0 Europe conference, being held in Barcelona in 2016. However, thanks to the sponsorship of Orion Health, all competitors from the competition will also go into a draw to win a brand new Apple Watch!

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