Diary of a Start-up

juanitaCount to 10 and breathe in…

My next workshop is in 10 days and my VC LASH toolsets are in China and three weeks away (?!).

Staring at the ceiling, not wanting to get out of bed and going over a number of strategies in my head, working out what to do.


Problem solved – most of my students are new; they will learn the basics first, then be awarded the VC LASH toolset in three weeks.

Experienced lash technicians (‘tecs’) will be kept busy with a new Art of Volume lash before their VC LASH toolsets come, as I have already given up my own.

Yes, that’s what I’ll do!

Stock is coming in from Asia and has now take over our garage, laundry and hallway cupboards (we didn’t need that many towels anyway, though my husband does object to only one towel each).

This past month has seen me travel to Auckland to negotiate with KESS Hair and Beauty owner Owen Alison. Although he loves the VC LASH tool, it seems his franchise holders are generally not big fans of ‘fancy tools’ and seem to be concentrating on frugality. So my amateur closing techniques were not quite up to scratch; however, on the plus side, I did get to LASH the beautiful Paula Penfold.

And now I’ll be sending my certified VC LASH tec up to Auckland to LASH a group of performers, which is another contract I have yet to finalise for my VC LASH tecs.

This month I will have another one of my certified VC LASH tecs in a salon.

My goal these past few months has been to continually train students. Right now, I’m not so concerned about selling hundreds of toolsets – I just want 10 ladies who can use the toolset faster than me, and I can see it happening. Practice, persistence, and more practice.

Every day, emails from around the world lift my confidence, though being able to persevere without them is my greater achievement.

I have learned a lot more about my target market by being involved in more Lash community groups around the world, which has made me more excited to be introducing the VC LASH toolset and confirming its validation in the value proposition it offers.

Going global with overseas workshops soon – they’ll be in progress by January!

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