More Services, More Revenue

ecoEcoGene, a business unit of Landcare Research, provides DNA-based diagnostic services for biosecurity and biodiversity applications. In May 2014, it contracted BCC to run an account management workshop for EcoGene. The aim of the workshop was to improve customer engagement and business performance – we reported on the workshop in the May issue of BCC News.

The workshop resulted in a full report of recommendations, including a 12-month action plan. The EcoGene senior leadership team and board supported and implemented the plan and in September reported making changes in line with the plan, which include team members having clearly defined roles within the business, including using internal business development and communications staff to save on overheads.

In addition, the pricing model has been revised, terms of engagement specified, and the unit’s interaction with clients has improved to the extent that business from existing and new clients is beginning to increase.

In short, says Dr Frank Molinia, EcoGene’s operations manager, performance has already improved markedly, compared with previous financial years. “We have no hesitation in recommending that other businesses take up the services provided by BCC, especially if they are serious about streamlining their operations, increasing efficiencies and growing revenue.”

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